1. Anonymous said: But that ruins the fun of knowing that somewhere a mystery person is just in love with all your kinks ;)

    Never been a fan of mystery. Mystery leads to over thinking which leads to anxiety. So no pictures to you grey faced nin


  2. Anonymous said: Just one gorgeous?

    Come off anon and maybe

  3. msmasochisticmilf:

    Have my hot ass…. Literally πŸ‘


  4. Anonymous said: Serious lack of sexy selfies!

    I’ll fix that right now


  5. abeautyinyourresistance:

    all i want is an apartment in a city and a decent job, a dog, wifi and a tv, and someone to have sex with

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  9. "Time will pass; these moods will pass; and I will, eventually, be myself again."
    — Kay Redfield Jamison, β€œAn Unquiet Mind - A Memoir of Moods and Madness” (via barbieandken)

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